Interview with Giuseppe Donvito, Partner, P101 Ventures



Portfolio ventures that are going great need almost no support, and the ones that are in the bottom aren’t worth helping. Apart from the two extremes, how do you know how much effort, time, persistent to put in the ones that are somewhere in the middle?

How do you balance your time between (1) sourcing quality prospect ventures (2) doing due diligence for prospective investments and (3) helping current entrepreneurs? Which of these are you comfortable outsourcing to principals/analysts and which do you absolutely have to do yourself?

Many GPs are good investors but don’t master one of the core skills — adding value as a board member. What do you think are some tricks to a productive relationship with founders? What should the culture be for the board and CEO for a quality relationship?

How do you solve important conflicts with CEOs, such as lack of alignment on exits, strategy, or just the CEO being in denial about things like performance? Does the resolution begin with a private conversation or with involving other board members in a decision?

When raising money from LPs, what is the thing you emphasize the most when “selling” the fund? Past returns? Team expertise (domain and/or entrepreneurial expertise)? Unique angle?

Key Lessons from Giuseppe

  • As a board member, have a pragmatic approach. Contribute to value creation. Look for potential partners and clients. Contribute to business agreements. Help with potential exits and preparation for the next funding round;
  • With CEOs, bet on sincerity. Every relationship starts with trust. The board should be aligned with the CEO and trust him on key issues;
  • Raising from LPs, the team is key. Experience, returns, the unique angle are all driven by the team;



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Vasco Patrício

Vasco Patrício

Executive performance coach. Mostly work with senior, C-Level executives. Specialized in Alternative Investment Fund Managers (HF, PE, VC).